Peace & Love Festival Borlänge 2017

Peace & Love is a festival in Borlänge, which takes place every summer in the beginning of July. It was already established in 1999 with the vision to spread peace and love and discuss important issues within the society. It is one of the biggest music festivals in Sweden and attracts Swedes from all over the country as well as some international visitors. Every summer, Borlänge becomes more colorful and vivid for a few days (Thursday till Saturday) and everybody from kid up to pensioner is welcome and enjoying the festival. I have been on a lot really big festivals with international superstars but in my opinion Peace & Love is something special and differs from common festivals. I hope when you see the pictures from the festival environment you will understand a bit what I mean.

In 2016 I decided to work as a volunteer at artist service and since I enjoyed it a lot, I decided to work in artist service again this year. It is a real nice job, taking care of the artists behind the scene, chatting with them and being their contact person if they are having any wish. Besides, you get a festival pass if you work there, a T-Shirt and food while you are working. If you are a volunteer you are supposed to work around 24 hours, often divided into 3 days of work with shifts of 8 hours each. At artist service, you can always check out the bands a bit while they are playing so it is a really enjoyable work, chilling with them and listening to them playing. With some of them I even managed to take some pictures.

This year some of my favorite Swedish bands were playing, like for example Millencollin, The Sounds and Johnossi and I discovered some new bands which were really good. I managed to listen to some of them in my free time or hang with friends who were visiting the festival or just walk around and enjoy the atmosphere. I can really recommend to be a volunteer on this festival if you want to look behind the scenes and get to enjoy the bands for free, it is definitely worth it.


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