It is officially THE END…

After a year, the studies are officially over.. On the 2nd of June the school organised a Leaving Ceremony for the students in the final years to say goodbye to the school and have a celebratory ending.

We gathered in the Jalas Arena in Lugnet, Falun at midday to register and prepare for the beginning of the ceremony. After all the guests were seated we lined up and ceremonially came to the designated seats while a band played cheerful music. Following were several speaches of the rector, head of the student union and other persons. When the speeches ended we lined up by majors to go on the stage to collect a certificate.


The ceremony was quicker than expected so it ended an hour early which everyone was grateful for 🙂 Afterwards there was a “meet and greet” in the school campus where some snacks and beverages were provided. It was a perfect opportunity to say goodbye to all the teachers and gather with the class for one last time.

After making some group photos we had a small celebration with champagne infront of school and headed off to our own plans. Some majors had organised a dinner in Falun together but we had a get together the day before so our major split and everyone went to do their own thing. It was a nice day with a great possibility to meet everyone for one last time! 🙂

Thank you Gloria for some of the photos! 🙂 


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