Day-Trip to Uppsala

In the end of May, me and my friend Laetitia decided to visit Uppsala, the well-known and traditional university town. From Borlänge it is a quite short trip by train, less than 2 hours from Borlänge station. We were lucky and had really great weather so we could the multitude of outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars. Since it is a student town, Uppsala is really lively with a lot of young people. Everybody seemed to get around on bikes, which reminded me very much of the Netherlands. With around 150.000 inhabitants, Uppsala is quite a big town for Swedes, the 4th biggest town after Uppsala, Malmö and Gothenburg, nevertheless you can easily reach everything by foot. We started in the nice town, doing some shopping, since there is much more variety than in Borlänge. Then we visited Uppsala´s cathedral, the biggest church in Sweden, which was really impressive and definitely worth a visit. From the cathedral, it is just a short walk over to the castle which has a very nice park and botanical garden where we strolled around and enjoyed the tranquility.


From the castle, we walked on to the university, visit the library and some of the university buildings. Since we both have been living in Sweden for a while, it was high time for fika, which we enjoyed on the terrace of a very nice café, called Fågelsången. Then we decided to stroll around the nice old buildings and discover some nice small shops in the small alleyways. We also planned to visit Linné´s Garden, but sadly we arrived when it already was closed. So we spent the last hours sitting at the river and in a really nice bar/restaurant with view on the river before we took the train home again. It was a really nice trip and I can only recommend to visit Uppsala, it is a really cozy and beautiful town.




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