Borlänge by Bike

Although Borlänge is quite an industrial town with the big SSAB factory and a lot of IT companies, there are still beautiful and calm places in the nature. I started to develop a passion for mountain biking here in Sweden and I found some really great routes to cycle here. One of my favourite is a trip to Bysjön, a nice lake in Borlänge which is a nice 16 km cycle tour. Another really nice trip is cycling to Mellsta Camping which is only around 5 km away from the centrum of Borlänge, there you can hire bikes as well, cycle in the forest or have an ice cream with a great view on the river. If I don´t have much time but really need to get out in the evening I also like to cycle around Dalälven, the big river in Borlänge, which is a nice tour of around 4km. You can always decide to leave the track and discover the forest, cycle up some paths if you want to improve your stamina or just cycle on flat paths and enjoy the nature. If you want to cycle a bit more and leave Borlänge, I can recommend to cycle to Torsång, it is not very advanced so really for everybody and you can take any kind of cycle. There you can sit at the river and enjoy some cake or sandwiches in the nice café. Or if you feel like you want to cycle a bit more why not cycle to Falun? There is a nice cycle path of 26 km connecting Borlänge and Falun around the lake Runn, with a great view and nice places to stop for having a break.

And if you feel like you are a more advanced cross country biker, you are very lucky too, since Falun our neighbouring town is part of the biking network Biking Dalarna and offers well maintained cross country trails to se for a small fee.  Cycling is a great activity after school or work, I promise you will get your head free. The good thing here in Sweden is: If you don´t want to meet anybody and really be on your own you can be. I had tours where I did not meet anybody at all, expecially around Bysjön. I guess the picture speak for themselves…


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