Canoeing trip in Gagnef

The last weeks have been quite busy with thesis writing but it is important to take a break, especially in the first warm days of the year! So I decided to join a trip organised by the International office and went canoeing to Gagnef.

We gathered around 11am in Gagnef to rent the canoes and kayaks with all the accessories. While getting into the boats one kayaker managed to turn over and fall into water. In the end he was the only one to bathe since the weather wasn’t so warm and no one rushed into the water 🙂 We set off to paddle 4 km to the next bridge which was our turning point. Having a few years of experience with canoeing I enjoyed the relaxed tempo with music and nature around.

After a short break behind the bridge we returned back to the beginning to return our boats. It was a fun experience with a group of 20 students from different origins. We finished our trip with a traditional stop at Max which is a Swedish fast food with great burgers 🙂

The International office organises events and trips mainly around Dalarna a few times in the semester and I highly recommend attending as they are mostly very worth it money wise but also experience wise! 🙂 I myself attended a second trip, the first was around Dalarna by bus in one day but more on that in another post soon 🙂

Thank you Kirstin for the photos!


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