Stockholm Cultural Night

Sometimes spontaneous things turn out to be the best. This was the case of Stockholm Cultural Night. At the end of April my mum came for a visit and we decided to stay in Stockholm for a few days. We had planned the typical sightseeing tour around the city center and a special trip to the royal summer palace, but about that in another blog post 🙂

We were pleasantly surprised when our host informed us that there is an event in town on Saturday night with a lot of performances all around the city. It was the Cultural Night – an annual event with hundreds of activities and performances ranging from dance, music and art to fashion, literature and crafts in 135 venues. And all of it for free! So we decided to use this opportunity to visit places that we would normally either not be able to visit or still didn’t see. So first, we went to the the City Hall which is normally accessible only with a guided tour. During this night, there were dancing lessons in the Blue Hall where the Nobel price ceremony is being held. But also, we were able to wander around all the halls on our own and enjoy the beauty of the building.

Our next destination was the Opera house which is just a few minutes by walk from the City Hall. The Opera is normally accessible only on Saturdays with a guided tour or if you visit a performance. This time, there was an opera singer singing in a beautiful golden saloon and in the main theatre a Midsummer night dream opera was screened. Later we moved to the Royal Palace and it’s Chapel where several musical performances took place. When we were there, young trumpetists played some songs. Next to the Royal Palace is Church of St. Nicholas also called Storkyrkan with opera singers singing arias. The atmosphere was incredible and we got to experience the church where the royal family has all celebrations. Definitely worth visiting!

There were many more things one could experience but we chose the musical way also for practical reasons as the movies and literature would all be in Swedish. It was a great possibility to experience a different Stockholm. On our way home we stopped at the Kulturhuset where you could dance Tango and we met an art exhibition with a DJ on top of Hötorget. If you can experience a similar event I would highly recommend it as it gives the city a great vibe!

(Sorry for my sometimes blurry photos, wanted to share as many with you and many times it was bad light!)


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