Opening a bank account in Sweden

Especially the ones of you coming to Sweden for at least one year might be wondering how you are going to pay your rent, if taking money out with your home countries bank card will imply too many fees and if it is not better to have a bank account in Sweden during your studies here.

I can really recommend it since it makes life easier here, especially since Swedes basically pay everything with card and nearly nobody ever has cash. We also have a convenient App here called Swish, with this App you just send money to the phone number of your friend or a company, I think there is no easier way to do that. So, don´t be surprised to hear phrases like: Can I swish you? It is really common here. Since I have been living in Borlänge for almost 4 years now I caught myself having no cash at all, for example last week on the market I was really disappointed that one market stand, which of course was foreign, only took cash. The others accepted Swish or card which made paying very convenient for me.

But to come back to the procedure of opening a bank account: As usual it depends a bit on if you have a personal number or not. The blog I posted about getting a personal number you can find here: If you have a personal number you can go to any bank and bring your Swedish ID, then you will also be guided through the process of getting Bank ID, which is connected to your personal number and allows you to legitimate yourself online to different authorities, a very convenient way not to have to go everywhere personally for example. With Bank ID you can do your taxes online, you can pay invoices, log into the health system, book and cancel doctor appointments, access your pension, basically everything.  If you asked for a personal number but have not received it I would really recommend you to wait for it if you can and then open a bank account, it is much more convenient and otherwise you will have to go back and change your account again anyways.



If you have no Swedish personal number, it will be more problematic to open a bank account. In Borlänge there are two banks accepting students without a personal number, that is SEB and Handelsbanken. In order to get a bank account you need to provide your passport, in case of being from a Non-EU country your residence permit and a letter from the university telling that you are admitted for studies. With that you will get a bank account, but you will only be able to use the basic services, like getting a Maestro card which with you can pay in shops and so on, withdraw money and check how much you have on your account. But you cannot get Bank ID or Swish which would make it much more convenient to pay and legitimate yourself.


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