It’s time to start typing!

What can I say. After Tereza’s blog about research methods one could assume a blogpost about the thesis would be next. Thesis, dreaded? Probably. Enjoyed? Not so much. Necessary? Apparently.

When I first started contemplating continuing with my studies the major question that kept coming back was, do I really want to write another thesis? It’s not so much that I had had bad experiences with the first one but it is a Thesis, not just any kind of project or paper. As it turned out, the unavoidable thesis was not enough to deter me from my educational journey and so here I sit. Writing to you about thesis.

I can give you some advice but I think thesis writing is very personal. We all handle it differently. Some of us get super stressed and have half their thesis finished before the first deadline. Some of us, like me, are still figuring out their topic by the time the second deadline rolls around. Now before you get all types of nightmares about thesis writing I’ll sketch the process for you here at Dalarna University.

Tip number one: start thinking about your topic right now! I’m not joking, if there is one thing I was slightly disappointed in, it would be the fact that the whole ‘subject choosing’ was kind of sprung upon us from one moment onto the next. For months we had been told ‘we didn’t need to worry about it’ and then after Christmas holiday. BOOM! ‘What’s your thesis topic?’. In Dutch we like to say, ‘a warned person counts for two’. So, you’ve been warned and you count for two now.

In all seriousness, it would be a great idea to start thinking about how you’d like to focus yourself, but most importantly how do you plan to research it. Some of us have gone back home to do interviews. Some of us are using content analysis for it means we do not have to leave Sweden. Some of us think it’s a good idea to drive 1500 km through Dalarna to interview people, guilty.

In the course Tereza described in her post you can dip your toes into different research techniques and figure out which one will work for you. You will also start working on ideas for your thesis. It’s not as if, once the thesis course comes around, you haven’t already been working on it for a while. During the thesis course itself there are 3 ‘deadline’ moments. The first is not long after the beginning of the course to see where you stand and where your research is heading. The second follows about halfway through the entire period and the last is of course the final deadline. For people like myself, several deadlines are quite nice as it stops me from writing the entire thesis in the last two weeks. It also means that people, your classmates and supervisor, will be checking your work and guiding you along the way.

In this period you also will not be having any classes and therefore you can devote yourself 100% to researching and writing your thesis. Or, you can delve into the deep depths of YouTube and Netflix and see where the ships strands. That’s another Dutch saying for you. So good luck, and don’t let a little thing like thesis stand in the way of your academic dreams!


If you have any questions about writing your thesis or writing a thesis here at Dalarna University, do not hesitate to leave a comment!


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