Stay connected!

So now that a lot has been written about accommodation in Borlänge, let’s get into a few finer details. An important thing, which we seemingly cannot survive without these days, is staying connected! I’m talking about setting up your Internet and phone connection.

An Internet connection is not included in our accommodation. Neither is a router, so make sure you get a router with you (it made sense for us since routers were far cheaper in India than in Sweden) or buy it when you get here. Sometimes, students who are moving out also sell their routers to you for cheap deals! I would suggest checking in with the Dalarna student group on Facebook for any such sales.

So, we bought a router here and on our second day in Borlänge, stopped by the Bredbandtjänster office, sent them an email as per their instructions, and then waited. We took a 100 mbps connection and were paying somewhere around 250 SEK per month. Now please note that this will greatly differ on whether you come at a time when the company is giving any offers. But a rough estimate for Internet as part of your monthly budget should be 250 – 300 SEK.

A couple of months later, our friends moved into the apartment right below ours and we decided it would be best to share a connection. So we shifted to Com Hem and are currently paying 250 SEK for a 250 mbps connection, split between us. We were lucky to get a good deal with them! However, the catch is they ask for a personnummer, which Bredbantjänster doesn’t.

Now the flip side, however, is that it can take anywhere between 2 days to 2 weeks for the wifi to be in place. It depends on whether you have a router already or need to spend time researching on it and buying one etc. So in the meanwhile, your option is to quickly get a phone connection. Now Sweden has some really amazing data plans of up to 50 GB for a very normal monthly charge of around 50 SEK so you really won’t be lost here without an Internet connection in the beginning. We marched into Kupolen and went to the Telia store on our very first day to get SIM cards. We paid something like 50 SEK per month for 2 GB, which seemed like a really good deal to us since in India, data plans are quite expensive. However, later we discovered that there are many service providers like Hallon or Vimla, which offer even better deals. But again – Telia gives you a connection without a personnummer, whilst these other companies ask for it.

I hope this post is a good overview and I am happy to answer any questions you may have!

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2 thoughts on “Stay connected!

  1. As far as i can understand, it is more easily get a connection for your cellphone and share internet to your laptop. And more cheaper at the same time. Can you tell me wich data service providers will be the best option? Can I find them in Borlangue?? Or should I contact them in Stockolm or even before to land in Sweden?
    In general terms, how much does it cost for a 20 GBs of data to surf in internet??


    1. Hi Nicolay,
      Yes you very well can get a phone connection and use the same on your laptop. However, in my experience, the most cost effective plans are only given by service providers to people with a Swedish personal number. Providers like Hallon, Vimla etc. will offer you good deals provided, again, you have a personnummer. Approximately 50 SEK per month will give you 50GB data.

      Again, it all depends on your usage. I use the internet for my distance education courses, so for me it makes much more sense to have a stable wifi connection at home.
      You can contact all the service providers even after you get to Borlänge.


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