Enjoying a nice spring day at Främby Udde Resort in Falun

Finally, spring has arrived here in Dalarna. Last weekend we closed the ski resort just outside of town where some of us worked during winter as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs about working as a student and it seems like this was the signal for the first flowers to appear, we actually found the first on the day we closed right after work.

And what is better than embracing spring by having the first breakfast/brunch outside? We went to Främby Udde, the resort Tereza mentioned in an earlier blog to have our first outside brunch of the year. Brunch costs 149 SEK which is a very good price for Sweden and we skipped the breakfast to be able to enjoy the whole buffet. Brunch is available on Sundays from 10-14 o´clock now which gives you a lot of time to sit outside, enjoy the sun and work yourself through the different food offers. Anyways, if you don´t feel like brunching you can also treat yourself to  coffee and some cake for example which is available until 16 ´clock on Saturdays and Sundays.

Although the weather was awesome and we had around 13 degrees it was really calm at Främby when we arrived. After paying the fee we could choose as much food as we wanted so I ended up with three plates filled with bread, vegetables and dips, potato salad, meatballs, egg, bacon and fresh made waffles with jam. Additionally, to the great food it is just always great to enjoy the view over the lake from the café and to walk around the lake later to digest.


With spring proceeding and warmer temperatures, you can also for example rent a kajak, try sailing or other watersports, use the outdoor gym, play minigolf, enjoy one of the two outdoor jacuzzis or go for a walk at Främby Udde. It is really easy to spent a whole day there, no matter if you just want to sit in the sun and enjoy a good book and a coffee, lay in the sun, want to be active, if you are a single person or a family, there is something available for everybody. And if you want to stay longer, why not renting one of the houses directly at the lake?



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