Living in Locus, Borlänge

This blog is the last in the series regarding student housing in Borlänge. I’m going to tell you a bit about Locus, the facilities and what it is like to live here.

General: Locus is one of the largest student buildings, right opposite Student House 23. The whole building consists of 3 parts. Locus 15A and Locus 15C are where the students live, the two side buildings. Locus 15B is the section in the middle, this is where you find the common areas such as the gym and the study rooms. All the parts of the building are connected, but it might be good to know this once you start applying for a room. There are 4 different room types available. There are rooms where you have a private bedroom but share a hallway and bathroom with one other person. If you would like to get a better idea of what that looks like I advice you to check out this post from Study in Sweden. They visited Locus and made some interesting videos. Two other room types are where you have your own private bedroom and private bathroom. The last, and most expensive, room type is with a loft. So those rooms have two floors. A small living room and private bathroom downstairs and a bed upstairs.

Garden and balcony.JPG
The balcony and a bit of the garden

Location: As Locus is opposite Student House 23, the location is exactly as Dipti described in her post. About 10 minutes’ walk from school and 15-20 minutes walking to Willy’s, Kupolen, Ikea and the other stores in that area. Hëmskop, another supermarket, is about 5 minutes away.

Furnishing: All rooms have the same standard furnishings when you move in. You have a closet, a desk with a desk chair, a bookcase, an Ikea lounge chair and light fixtures. If anything is missing you can ask the building supervisor and he will get you what you need. It’s the basics that you need for a long period of stay and I personally think it’s more than I needed. There is quite some storage space which I’m not using. But as we say in Dutch, better too much than not enough. The walls are grey in every room so it’s up to you to do some decorating. I brought sticky gum with me, so to not damage the walls (big no-no), and made it my own.

This link will take you to the Tunabyggen website, they have some stylised pictures of the rooms. That way you can get a better idea of what they look like. I didn’t want to use pictures of my own room since it’s super messy…

Facilities: Locus has a lot of facilities. We have a gym, sauna’s, study rooms, a large meeting area to have parties. There’s a big backyard with a fire pit as well as a large balcony. The laundry rooms are shared per floor. You can book laundry for 3 hours at a time, which is usually more than enough as the machines are very large. You also don’t need to add your own detergents and such, which is a nice money saver.

Rent: As there are different room types the rent will differ. The cheapest rooms are where your share the bathroom and the most expensive are of course the loft rooms. Prices vary between 2000 kr. for the smallest and 3900 kr for the largest rooms. Internet is not included in this and it is advisable to either buy a router or bring one with you. There is an internet connection plug in the wall, but that won’t give you WiFi. Other than that, I pay nothing extra for staying at Locus, only the rent and the costs for internet.

Overall, I’m happy to be living in Locus, it certainly feels like the place where everything happens. There are parties and noise can sometimes be an issue. If you prefer to live in peace and quiet, Locus is probably not for you. Other than that, it is student living and it comes with its own ups and downs.

If you have any questions or want to have more specific information about anything Locus-related, don’t hesitate to leave a message!


11 thoughts on “Living in Locus, Borlänge

  1. Thank you first of all the information Renee! I wanted to ask I see on te site of Tunabyggen below all the available partments ” occupancy:2017-08-15 Moving past:2017-06-01″ .That meansthat I have to pay for accommodation from 15/8 even though I will arrive at the end of the month and leave the apartment on 1/06? I read that studies end approximately on 6th of June.


  2. Hi Renee, thanks for helping us ! I’m an international student recently admitted for a master in Solar Energy at Dalarna and have some questions regarding housing. I registered to Tunabyggen several days ago, I visit the page everyday and I’ve never seen a room available for students. Is this normal ? Is there a date when all rooms become available at once ? There are some apartments but I guess I can not apply because I’m an international student ?
    Do I have to worry for not having already a place to live as I have to be there in just 2 months ?
    Thanks a lot for your help


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