Living in Mångatan, Borlänge

As a part of the accommodation series, I will introduce to you what it is like to live in Mångatan, how does it look inside, what it contains, where it is located etc. Therefore, this might be a slightly longer article.

Mångatan is a part of the student housing provided by Tunabyggen. It has 3 buildings (Mångatan 2, 4, and 6) all with 3 floors with 9 rooms. On each floor you would also find a common balcony, huge living room with a kitchen and a small laundry room. The laundry rooms contain one washing machine, one tumble dryer and one drying cabinet. Unlike in Locus, we have to buy our own detergent. The common spaces’ degree of utilization differs in each floor. Where I live the kitchen and living room are hardly ever used but I know other floors where the people have made it very homey, keep it clean all the time and cook there. In one of the buildings there is also a sauna and a dancing room which can be used when you borrow the keys from the responsible people.

The rooms are approx. 20m² with own bathrooms and small kitchens. As for furniture, there is one closet in the entrance “hall” and usually the rooms have a table with a chair, a bed, a small cabinet on the wall and sometimes an arm chair or an ikea rocking chair. All these are as to my knowledge from the rooms I have visited. As for the kitchen, there is a small fridge, a stove with two hotplates and either a microwave or a smaller oven. I am lucky to have the oven so I do not have the need to use the common kitchen. However, we had to buy our own kitchen equipment like plates, cutlerly, frying pans etc. We were lucky to find a kettle and two pots in the common kitchen so we borrowed them as we didn’t see no-one using the kitchen and there were more of them there. You also have to buy your own pillows and blankets with sheets. Since it was quite cold in our room, we also had to buy a small heater.

Overall, Mångatan in a very nice and calm place to live. It is located 8 mins by walk to the university, 10 mins to the gym (Friskiss&Svettis) and 12 mins to Willys supermarket. Mostly Swedish students live here so depending on whom you live with on the floor, you might probably not be meeting many people here as everyone more stays in their rooms. On the other hand, you have more privacy and a more quiet environment. You might also notice that sometimes the rooms in Mångatan are listed as non-furbished. That is because most Swedish students bring their own furniture here but it was the same in my case and I was lucky that Tunabyggen provided me with 2 beds (as I live here with my boyfriend) and a chair. Unfortunately, there were no tables left so we had to buy one together with a chair through and we borrowed one more table. The rent for our room in 3140 SEK.

We were considering moving to 23 for the homey feeling after the first semester but then we decided to stay here since we realised it is in a very convenient and good location and we enjoy the bit of privacy 🙂 Also, after a few months we found more and more friends who live in these three buildings so we hang out once in a while 🙂 If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, I will answer them.


4 thoughts on “Living in Mångatan, Borlänge

  1. Hello Tereza,

    thanks for sharing all this useful information! I am wondering if you can tell me a bit about how difficult or easy it was to get a room there? I have been applying for rooms on the Tunabyggen website and collecting points, however, I have around 40 points now and the first places always have around 2000. I heard that Swedish students get a “base” of points provided when they start applying, that sounds like it will be very hard to get a room as an international student. Do you have any advice? Thank you in advance for any tips! 🙂


    1. Hi Steffi,

      thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I cannot judge exactly how hard it is to get a room here since I got the last room in September. If you have any questions regarding the point system, please refer them to Tunabyggen as I don’t know exactly how their point system works. But I can advise to keep on applying for several rooms and keep on trying! 🙂 I am sure you will get a room at some point! 🙂


  2. Hi Tereza

    This is Nishat. Thanks for sharing nice overview about Mångatan. I am going to start my Master’s program from September at Dalarna University. I was allocated a room in Mångatan. However I would like to know, the rent that Tunabyggen asked, does it cover the entire utility bill? In addition to that, do we need to get separate internet connection or it comes with the housing facilities.


    1. Hi Nishat,

      Thank you for your comment. The price includes all the utility bills but you need to get your own internet. You can ask your neighbours and share with them (as we did) or get your own. Dipti wrote a post about internet if you would like to read more about that 🙂
      If you need anything else don’t hesitate to ask. I hope you will enjoy your stay at Mångatan!


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