Exciting times are ahead!

Every once in a while I enjoy looking through my calendar and going back to the same day exactly one year ago. Sometimes the days were uneventful but other days were much more important. I suppose I appreciate seeing how far I’ve come and the things that have happened in between then and now. You’re probably asking yourself, Renée why are you going on about this? Well, some of you might be in the same spot I was almost exactly one year ago. Any day now the results of your application for the Master programs at Högskolan Dalarna will be published on the university admissions website. I’m pretty sure that website was in my top favorites at some point because I checked it so often.

Back to one year ago. I remember putting in my calendar on March 29th, ‘D-day Sweden’. No joke. D-day in this sense means, a day in which something important is going to happen. And it did. I received an email that the results had been published and I could go and check on the website mentioned earlier. I don’t think I’ve ever clicked and typed so fast to get to the results page. And there it was, a beautiful and green colored ‘admitted’. All I had to do was confirm that I still wanted to do the program and that was it!

Admitted to the program and I accepted!

I was extremely excited for this new adventure and so happy I got into the program. It’s funny to realise that the adventure is actually already almost over. Only 2 more months of thesis and (hopefully) we’ll be finished. Time really does fly.

I hope that you find the same excitement I did when I received the results for the application. Hopefully everybody gets into the program of their dreams. Finally, to you I say welcome and I’m convinced you’re going to have a wonderful time!


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