Student Housing in Borlänge

Since the first students are receiving their decisions about their application at Dalarna University within the next days, we thought it is time for a post about student housing. I guess you are having myriads of questions, some of you also might be a bit afraid to leave their country or move to a city they have never seen before. With this blog I want to provide you with an overview, nevertheless my other blogger friends will get into more detail about the different forms of student housing in the following blogs.

First of all, the student housing in Borlänge is provided by one company, Tunabyggen. It is a municipality owned company, not only providing student housing but owning around 6000 housing spaces. Since the housing offer for students is limited, I would strongly recommend to apply for housing as soon as you received your admissions decision You do that by logging in on Tunabyggens Homepage (, and register your details together with your student number you got with your registration certificate from the university (This is an individual number, starting with S). After that you can start looking for available student accommodation. The Tunabyggen system works like that, you collect queue points from the day you start looking for accommodation, so the earlier you start collecting points, the better. If there are many students interested in accommodation, the one who has the most points will get it.

Please be aware, that you can only search for student accommodation on Tunabyggens homepage.  You may also find offers for “normal” (non-student) apartments but the points you need for them are so many you would need to be registered as an active customer for some years.

I recommend to be active and log in every day if possible to check if there are some more rooms available and to apply for all rooms available, even if they are not in exactly the time span you plan to arrive or if you would like to have a smaller or bigger or other type of room. It might be the case that you have to take what you get at least in the beginning. Later on you still will be able to change the accommodation type but applying for all rooms gives you the change to collect as many points as possible. On the homepage from Tunabyggen you can find a registration guide (, this will help you to follow the applying process. For international students, all rooms are furnished so you don´t need to buy any furniture when you arrive. In case you have any question, you can also always ring Tunabyggen or write a mail, the contact information is also provided on the homepage.

In Borlänge we have three student houses, the one called Locus does have more international students, there you can also find the Tunabyggen office where you can for example get your keys, pay your first bill, sign your contracts or get help for any problem related to the housing. The other house is called Mångatan, offering different kind of apartments, this is also where most of the Swedish students are living. Then there is another alternative of shared apartments, where you have your own room but share the living room and kitchen with other students, but as I mentioned in the beginning, the other bloggers will provide you with detailed information about these different types of information in the next blogs.

There are also possibilities to look for a room or apartment on your own, without the student housing company, in this case I recommend you to visit the website Honeycombhousing (, a housing platform founded by a former student who wants to bring together local hosts and student looking for accommodation. On her website, you can find different housing opportunities and get the chance to contact the landlords. Another opportunity is the website, it is a type of Swedish Ebay where you can get everything, there are also private housing offers. However, this page is only available in Swedish but with the help of google translator it is quite easy to figure out what kind of housing is offered and you can always contact the hosts in English too.

One last thing:  if you wonder how to find your accommodation when you are arriving, the university offers a pick-up service from the train station in Borlänge during the peak of arrival, you will receive more information about that on the university homepage before the start of the semester.


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