Travel, travel, travel.

Coming from India, for us, trips to Europe always had to be planned well in advance, very meticulously. We would have to keep an eye out for sudden inexpensive flight deals, to make a trip happen – simply because we were so far away that it took a lot of money to get to any country in Europe. The most expensive flights were, of course, to the Scandinavian region.
And now, I live in Sweden. It seems unreal at times!

So my husband and I decided early on that we would make the most of our time here and travel as much as possible, whenever the opportunity presented itself. Of course, going back from both of us working in India, to both of us being students here, it goes without saying that all our trips have to be on a tight budget. But we also knew that this was the time we could really explore to our heart’s content, because once we go back to the ‘working life’, holidays may not be as easy to plan.

I’m happy to say, living in Sweden has made traveling in Europe infinitely easy on our pocket. Flights are super cheap, if you manage to find the right deal and leave some wiggle room for your travel dates. For Christmas and New Year, we went on a 12-day trip to Spain on a surprisingly low budget (bless you, RyanAir). It was 12 days of delicious food, heavenly sangria and views to die for. A few pictures of Spain’s quirky cafes!

We have trips to Poland, Denmark, Norway and many Swedish cities as well in the pipeline. I am trying my best to budget in a trip to Nice as well to visit a close friend. And Italy, Belgium, Croatia, Germany – you name it, I want to see it. Who doesn’t like holidays, after all?

When you come here, especially if you are from a weaker economy, everything will seem to be too expensive. Don’t let that daunt you. Get a job, save money wherever you can, and make sure to travel. There are cheap flights and cheaper cruises, economy hostels/AirBnB apartments set up for budget travelers. Make the most of your time and see as much as you can – in Sweden, as well as outside it.

In my opinion, it is experiences that make you richer, not your bank account savings!


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