The Czech expedition to Biatlon World Cup in Oslo

Biatlon is becoming more and more popular in my country. It is a mix of cross-country skiing and shooting and is attractive to watch. Plus, there are quite a lot of successful biatlonists representing Czech rep. lately. All these reasons lead to deciding to go and experience a competition and since we missed the one in Östersund, Sweden in December, we decided to go to Holmenkollen in Oslo this weekend (17.-19.3.).

We started planning our journey with my boyfriend and our friend Philipp who is also from Czech. Luckily, he has a car here in Sweden so our hesitation became even smaller since we would save costs for renting a car. After buying tickets, all was official. Due to money reasons, we chose to attend on Friday to see the sprints and on Saturday for the pursuit. On Friday we chose to experience the finish grandstand from where you can see the shooting, finish line and prize ceremonies perfectly. Also, later we found out that the biatlonists were walking along the stand from the finish to the facilities. We were lucky enough that one of the best Czech biatlonists Ondřej Moravec stopped and took a picture with us which made my day!

The next day we were on a side stand where we could also see the biatlonists along the track and thus being very close to them. It was great to support them every time they passed by and we even managed to get in the TV shots with our flags 😀 This spot was great because there were open fires with benches where one could warm up and an organisation distributed hot coffee and juice for free! We also met many other Czechs who we had the chance to talk to.

The whole trip was supported by the shining sun and a few medals and small globes of our biatlonists! The Holmenkollen arena is very impressive with it’s famous ski jump. We had a chance to walk around Oslo for a bit and it proved to us what a beautiful city it is. The drive was long 6 hours but we made it more pleasant by listening to good music and singing in the car 🙂 I highly recommend going to see such an event for its great international atmosphere and for supporting your country’s representants!


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