Friday’s classic at Peace & Love café

I have always loved live music, especially acoustic music. When I moved to Dublin, Ireland for half a year the love was deepend by the incredible atmosphere of Dublin’s pubs which were filled with the tones of acoustic music everyday. It is hard to explain but if you like troubadours and live music Dublin is the place to visit. It tore my heart when I moved away after my internship finished and I thought I wouldn’t experience such a nice atmosphere in a long time. Well the time has come.

Peace & Love café is a cafeteria in the centre of Borlänge. Their owners are organisers of a famous Peace & Love music festival and every Friday evening they invite small bands or individual performers mainly from Sweden for a live music evening. Sometimes there is also an open-mic session. It is a pleasant café with a great cozy atmosphere and old furniture. During the day you can wander there for a cup of coffee and a dessert or a light lunch.IMG_20161021_224114IMG_20160923_220057First time I visited this live music evening, I was pleasantly surprised. We were lucky to experience a Scottish singer with a Swedish violinist and a Swedish band. The atmosphere was very intimate as the café is quite small and even though it will never be as in an Irish pub when everyone is signing with the artist, it is a satisfying calm Swedish version of it. Since we are not aware of the Swedish bands, it is often a lottery to go and listen to them. You either like them or not but in most cases I liked them. I am sure you would find a famous artist or band among them. Everytime I visited it was pretty stacked, also depending on the fame of the bands. Therefore I recommend coming at the beginning of the evening to catch good seats. The café has a wide selection of organic loose tea and delicious looking desserts! 🙂

If you are a live music lover as me I highly recommend exploring the Friday nights at Peace & Love! After all, Dipti also included it in her Borlänge bucket list and they are FREE 🙂


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