The Borlänge Bucket List

It’s been over six months now since I’ve lived in Borlänge and as you may have read in numerous posts, you really need to push yourself and go out there to make life here fun and active! To that effect, here’s my personal list of things you must do when in Borlänge. In no particular order of preference!

  • Take weekend trips to places nearby like Stockholm, Falun, Örebro, Rättvik (make sure to visit Lake Siljan!) etc. There are tons of fun activities in every place if you know where to look!
  • Eat pizza at Il Castello. I’ve been to a few pizzerias in Borlänge and this is one of the best amongst them!
  • Shop at Kupolen on Black Friday. I didn’t expect that Black Friday would be celebrated in Borlänge and I was so pleased to find some amazing deals at shops that are normally so expensive!
  • During Christmas, go and experience the Swedish julbord, the grand Christmas buffet. You will not regret it (unless you’re a vegetarian like me. In that case, this one may not be for you). Also, make sure you have a bottle of julmust, the Swedish Christmas drink!
  • Of course, there’s the cruise to places like Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Read more about those here!
  • Go skiing at Romme Alpin and ice-skating on Falun’s frozen Lake Runn. Take stock of all the winter sports around you and go try them out! Read more about it here.
  • Get loyalty cards/memberships at all the grocery stores. This needs a personnummer of course, so it will only be possible if you are here for more than a year. Memberships can help you save a ton of money on groceries, as there are always special deals available.
  • Get your free membership at the public library in centrum. You don’t even need a personnummer and even if you aren’t a bookworm, you can always rent the driving school books, which you’ll need to read, in order to pass the written test for a Swedish driving license.
  • When you’re getting your library card, eat falafel at the cart that stands right outside the library. Yum!
  • Catch live performances at Café Peace & Love. They even have free entries for most, so there’s really no reason not to. Also check the other clubs/pubs in centrum, goes without saying!
  • Go camping with friends! Sweden boasts of some truly beautiful national parks and it would be a shame to miss them while here! You can read more info at
  • Make the most of sunny days whenever possible by just walking around town, taking one-day trips or maybe visiting the nearby ostrich farm, taking a picnic lunch to the public benches near the football fields just across the street from student housing. Trust me – you will miss the sun aplenty in the winter, so go enjoy a day outside whenever it’s up!
  • Last but not the least, I have two words for you which you are sure to hear a LOT of times in Borlänge – Red Cabin.

Although this isn’t all of what you can do, it’s a good start!

What are some other bucket list worthy activities you can think of?

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