How much does Sweden cost?

When I told my friends I will study my Master in Sweden everyone’s reaction was mainly ‘Oh wow, but that will be so expensive!’. This might have been connected with a stereotype that Scandinavia is really expensive (in reality 3x in comparison to Czech republic) but I am sure you are wondering about the rough prices and spending here as well. So below I will introduce my rough budget and prices of some basic items which will make this a longer article.


One of the most expensive things here is the transportation, especially the trains. This means that for some people trips by train might become a very limited matter. A basic rule applies that the earlier purchase the cheaper! A student round trip to Stockholm might cost you from 250 SEK – 700 SEK depending on how in advance you purchase it but also the days and times you want to travel. The trains are very comfortable, always have sockets and sometimes also a wifi. The buses as Swebus are usually cheaper (Borlänge -Stockholm cca 380 SEK) but take longer. If you live in the dorms you will most probably not need the public transportation around Borlänge. If not, the monthly fee is  365 SEK/month.

An older Swedish train

My monthly spending on grocery shopping is around 1200 SEK. This is when I shop in Willys, probably the most favourite and cheapest shop of students. My shopping basket usually comprises of pasta, rice, vegetables/fruits, eggs, milk and either chicken meat or frozen fish. I try to cook for myself as much as possible so I usually eliminate eating out to once a week or two weeks. That would usually cost me around 80-100 SEK for either lunch, pizza, Ikea food, Thai or a burger, not a fancy dinner at a restaurant. If you are a fan of coffee, you will find capuccino for cca 40 SEK in chains are Espresso house or Waynes coffee. In school you can buy a 10-coffee card for 110 SEK and have filtered coffee or coffee from a machine.


On most dorms the rent is around 3000 SEK for standard rooms, max 3800 SEK if you are in the loft in Locus. Rent outside of the student housing should be around 4000-6000 SEK so it is definitely worth it to go for the student housing!

Fun & Sports

Everyone needs some fun sometimes! 🙂 So if you like to go to the movies, the cinema costs 120 SEK, if you like bowling, you can go for bowling at Maserhallen for 160 SEK. I decided to go to the gym this semester so I paid 1600 SEK for lectures and gym access. As for fun in the form of evening chats with friends over a drink, normal prices are around 70 SEK but you can get it in a student bar for 30 SEK.

Monthly budget

So above was a small introduction to the regular prices and now an overview of my monthly expenses:

Rent 3140 SEK
Food 1400 SEK
Fun and coffee 230 SEK
  = 4770 SEK

I hope this article helped you to get a slight image of how much it costs to live in Sweden. I should stress that since we are in a small town the prices (e.g. rent) is lower than if you would live in Stockholm. The monthly expenses do not include trips and special occassions 🙂


3 thoughts on “How much does Sweden cost?

  1. I think this is one of the most useful posts on the blog, just like Renée’s school lunch hacks.
    Everyone wonders about monthly expenses before going to another country and you’ve given a wonderful breakdown!


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