Sled away!

As you might have read in some other blogs, there are plenty of activities to do here in Borlänge in the wintertime. You can, for example, go skating on Lake Runn of go skiing at Romme Alpin. Only downside with both of these activities is that they are a bit far away, and they cost money. So today, I’m going to introduce you to a totally free winter activity: sledding!


At about 15 minutes’ walk from Locus you will find a small hillside called Paradisbacken. When there was no snow yet, this was the place where we hoped to see the Northern Lights, as you can walk up the hill and it’s dark so you can see lots of stars. Now that there is snow it turned into a small ski slope as well as a sledding slope. It’s a small hillside so it is mostly used by children to practice their skiing. I went sledding with 3 of my friends and since we didn’t want to spend any money we brought large garbage bags. I’ve also heard of people bringing pillows in garbage bags, anything that will let you slide down that hill.

The ski slope

Once you’re at the top of the hill it is all on you how you get down. We did 3 runs because it is a bit exhausting to walk up the hill. However, once you pick up some speed and you’re flying down that slope, it’s so much fun. There were also lots of little children around who went almost twice as fast as we were going. I’m certain that if you go during a weekday it might be a bit quieter.

Slope for sledding

Some families were also having a barbeque there and brought their own food and drinks. You can create an entire day out at this location. And as I stated before, it’s completely free and super close by. So, if you’re planning on spending your time here in Sweden during the winter, don’t forget to bring some warm clothes and a garbage bag and off you go!

View from the top

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