Being active #5 – Ice-skating

Sweden is well known for a large number of lakes and cold winters – when combine these you get endless opportunities for ice-skating! 🙂

Since summer and our study visit to Främby Udde in September, I have been excited for winter to start in order to try ice-skating on the lake Runn. I have skated before, actually since I was 4 years old, but I have never tried long distance ice-skating. This is what I was looking forward to.

After we returned from Christmas the news has spread about lake Runn being opened for ice-skating and so we started planning. On the first free weekend in January we set off for the adventure with my classmates. Luckily, two of them have a car so it was not a problem to go there. We arrived at 10 am when the rental office was opening and we got fully equiped for the whole day. In translation, we rented skating shoes, skating blades, poles and rescue ice picks in case the ice would brake and we would fall into the water. All this equipment for 250 kr for the whole day. We were surprised that the shoes had the same system as cross-country skiing shoes with the “clip” at the tiptoes. The blades were assigned to us depending on the size of our shoes, ranging from 43-46 cm long blades.

After managing to clip the blades on, we all set out on the open ice to test it. At first it was a strange feeling with the loose heel and sticks in hand but we got used to it. We slowly made it through the first round and took a break for a little snack. Those 5 km were worth celebrating! After another round we decided to have a fika in the café at Främby Udde since it was -10°C and our hands and noses were getting frozen 🙂 We managed to make another round after the fika when we decided it was time to finish our skating day as we were all quite tired. We had incredible 16km in our feet!

Overall it was a great new experience! I was surprised how fast the skates were after a few pushes and in the end I did not use the sticks and almost felt like Martina Sáblíková, a Czech world champion in long distance ice skating 🙂 I highly recommend to try it out and I hope it was not my last time on these skates!

Thank you Gloria and Andrea for some of the photos!


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