First thing you have to do when you come to Sweden

It was September when we decided to walk to “the red cabin”. At that time it was a favourite trip to do since the weather was still quite good (= no rain).

The red cabin or officially the Bjusanstugan is situated next to lake Bjusan, which is around 6 km by walk from the dorms. It is a typical Swedish public cabin where you can sit down or sleep over for free. Since it is not so far from the dorms, we decided to take a walk to finally see it. On the way we met a thin black snake which freaked us out and in the panic we almost turned around. But we didn’t and it was worth it.

We finally made it to the red cabin and took a break for eating our sandwiches. However, I was still not satisfied as my main aim of this trip was to finally pick some blueberries! As you might know, August-September is a perfect time for blueberry picking and  I read everywhere how Sweden is the best place to pick them.

I am sure my friends were tired of me constantly talking about picking them 😀 However, after our short lunch break we walked on to the lake and there we found meters of blueberry shrubs. That was my heaven! We managed to pick about 0,5 kg of blueberries while another half a kilo ended up in our stomach. Since it was middle of September there were not that many of them anymore but it was sufficient. To reward my friends I decided to bake a blueberry pie which turned out to be delicious and a great reward for the effort!

Therefore, first thing you have to do when you come to Sweden is: go blueberry picking! I highly recommend wandering through the forest when you arrive to Sweden because it will be the perfect time for picking them. My teacher Albina told me later that this summer she managed to pick around 5 kg of blueberries in the forests behind Locus (around the lake Bjusan)!!

Thank you Gloria for the pictures! 🙂 


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