Thursday’s classic in Tenoren

Eversince I moved to Borlänge, I have been going to Tenoren on Thursdays to hang out with friends, chat and play games. It has become my habbit and I usually try not to miss out so I thought it would be worth sharing this great opportunity with you 🙂

Tenoren is a Student Union house located right next to the school campus. It is opened during the day as a study place with microwaves and couches where you can just hang out or meet with classmates to work on projects. Also it is used for evenings as the Gingerbread competition or the Diversity day International dinner which you could read about in the previous blogs by Robert and Renée. However, every Thursday and Saturday it turns into a pub which is designated only to DU students over 18 year old. If you want to bring a friend outside of school you can do so as your guest but only one per person. It is a great place with a great atmosphere. There is a small closet full of board and card games as Monopoly, Twister, Uno, Jenga, Yatzi and many more. There are loads of Poker chips as well if you are a Poker fan!whatsapp-image-2017-01-27-at-23-18-29As it is a pub, you can volunteer to serve drinks and snacks and gain experience from working behind a bar! Many of my friends (even Erasmus students) have done so making it another reason to come there regularly 🙂 Also, it is also possible to screen sport games or movies in the second room so a few times if people were interested, you could watch an ice-hockey or a football match 🙂 I highly encourage you to not miss out on it as it is worth spending time with your classmates outside of the class and a great place to meet interesting people from school.


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