Working in Sweden as a Student

In Sweden, students can work as much as they want, there are no limitations, nevertheless you should be aware of the fact that if you study fulltime, it is expected from you to spend around 40 hours a week for studies, not so much in university but often reading books and doing assignments at home. And it is not that easy to find a job in Borlänge or Falun, especially if you don´t speak Swedish. When I came to Sweden I only knew some basics in Swedish and when I applied for jobs I was only getting rejected. This might sound devastating to you, but there is hope. There are a few restaurants and a night club in Borlänge employing students as well as Leksand Sommarland in Leksand searching for staff for the summer. Furthermore, Framby Udde Resort in Falun is always looking for some employees for reception, cleaning and the café.

But most importantly, we have a big ski resort, Romme Alpin just outside of Borlänge and since the management has realized that international stuff implies a lot of advantages we started to work close together with this resort. And this winter season around 25 students from different countries are working at Romme Alpin . The only requirement is that you speak English fluently and that you are service minded since the jobs offered are within the service area, e.g. restaurant, skiing teacher, ski rental. Most of us are working in one of the different restaurants at Romme Alpin, with the biggest one being Ski Lodge which is part of the hotel and can host around 700 guests.

I am one of these lucky students, working at the restaurant on top of the mountain, called Toppstugan. We started working in the end of November and the season will end in the beginning of April. It is really nice to work with staff from different countries, at Toppstugan alone we are from 8 different countries, including Australia, New Zealand, India and Spain. Toppstugan offers traditional Christmas tables called “Julbord” which are very popular and lasting from the end of November till Christmas.

A few days before Christmas the resort opened for skiing, which means that Toppstugan is now open as long as the slopes are open and during some evenings we are offering fondue. During the Christmas holidays we were really busy, since we were fully booked and Toppstugan is not the biggest, so we got quite some cues. At the moment it is low season so we work a bit less, which is actually good since the new term has started. During the term I work mostly at weekends, which is the busiest time anyways. What is really great is that working at Toppstugan we can ski/snowboard for free on our free days and we can even borrow the equipment for free if we want. When we are done working, the lifts are closed so we choose to either ski down from work or walk down the slopes. Furthermore, we were having two days of free ski school for all employees, since we have a lot that never skied or wanted to improve their technique. Then there are wine and beer tasting seminars so we know what to recommend, stay overs at Toppstugan, work parties with the team, all these little goodies you get if you work there. So if you come to Sweden and you really want to work and you have some patience there are chances you will find a job, especially if you speak a little bit of Swedish.

(Thank you Alex, Anna-Carin and Sanne for the pictures)


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