School Lunch Hacks

This blog might be applicable to you, or it might not. I’m writing it anyway because it is certainly applicable to me. I’m too lazy sometimes to make my own lunch to bring to school, and so it’s good to know what your options are. To give a little more context, in Sweden it’s very normal to bring your own ‘hot’ lunch to school. There’s a reason why you can find about 20 microwaves in the school kitchen, including two fridges. What’s also important to remember is the fact that all Swedes take a lunch break at 12:00 pm exactly. They take their lunch very seriously here.

In this blog, I’ll write a short summary of the different places that I know of where you can get some lunch. I have to say that I in no shape or form am advertising for these businesses, just sharing some information student to student.

To begin with the most delicious one. Trafikverket. The first time I heard about this place I didn’t quite know what to expect, since trafik sounded a whole lot like traffic. And it is just that, or well, sort of. From what I understand it’s the regional bureau for all things traffic related. Not that that really matters, I’m more interested in their lunchroom. It’s right across from school and if you go, more than likely you’ll run into some lecturers while you’re there. They have a buffet style restaurant where you can get all sorts of yummy foods. They have a salad bar and plenty of veggie options too. If you like the food but don’t want to eat there, you can also get a take away box.

Price: 65-85 SEK

Next up is the lunchroom at school. These lovely ladies make all sorts of dishes and they have different lunch menus all the time. You can also get a regular (large) sandwich or something a bit smaller, or sweeter. Like a delicious muffin. They’re open all school days and you can go there when it’s not 12:00 as well. It’s the staple coffee place here. I don’t drink coffee but I heard it’s good. Swedes also take their coffee very seriously.

Price: varies

If you’re more into an on-the-spot-freshly-made sandwich, than look no further than Subway. Does this really need an explanation? You can find Subway at Kupolen, the big shopping mall next to school, and it’s about a 5-minute walk. Chocolate cookies are optional.

Price: varies, usually +- 40-50 SEK

It’s also very possible you’d rather have a healthier lunch, let’s say, a salad. Ica or Hemsköp are the places to be. Hemsköp is a supermarket close to Locus and Ica can found in Kupolen. They have designated salad bars. You get a carton box, fill it up with healthy goodness and the price per 100 grams is displayed. Ica is a bit more expensive than Hemsköp but it is closer to school.

Price: 9-12 SEK per 100 gr. My salads are usually around 60 SEK Depends on how much chicken or shrimp (or both), or other delicious stuff, you put in there.



Not to forget, there is a supermarket, Willy’s, very close to school and they also sell pre-packaged sandwiches or you could improvise a lunch on the spot. A few other places also deserve a quick mention. There is a Pizza Hut nearby that offers a special lunch menu, haven’t been there yet though. Another place to get lunch is an Asian food truck, haven’t yet found it. Will update once discovered.

It might be a bit early to start thinking about the lunches you will have once you arrive in Sweden, but in my opinion an educated person counts for two.


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