Being active #4 – Skiing in Kläppen

Last week we went on a study trip as Katrin wrote in the previous post and we were lucky to have the opportunity to try skiing. It was my first time this year and first time in Sweden. For some classmates it was the first time ever 🙂

Kläppen is a family ski resort in Sälen, Sweden about 180 km from Borlänge. Due to the distance its ideal for a longer trip like for a weekend or a week. It has a gondola and other 10 lifts. There are mainly green and blue slopes but also some red ones. This means its ideal for beginners or if you haven’t skied for a long time 🙂 They also have snowparks so if you are bored of the slopes, you can have some fun there.

Ski map of Kläppen

We had the opportunity to rent skis and snowboards as well as helmets and got the skipasses from the resort. However, we were a bit unlucky with the snow as it was around 0°C so the snow was wet and heavy. Nevertheless, we had a great time with a great instructor who showed us around.

There are many other possibilities to go and ski in the Scandinavian mountains as Åre, Idre, Lindvallen or Trysil in Norway. However all have a different character. If you would prefer a closer ski resort you can go to Romme Alpin or Nybrobacken which are within 15km from Borlänge and have similar facilities. According to size, Romme is much bigger and has more slopes. The ski passes are usually around 370-390 SEK per day with discounts for more days.


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