Coming back from Christmas

Returning from home after a break can be hard for some people. I was scared of it myself, but in the end it was quite smooth 🙂

In December, before I left for Christmas, I was aware that I had two term papers ahead of me which meant alot of reading during my time at home. I was very motivated so I thought it would be fine to find some time inbetween all the meet-ups and family time. Well I was wrong.

The three weeks at home flew in the blink of an eye and I have not done a single thing. When we finally arrived back to Borlänge, it was a strange feeling. As if we never left. The day after our arrival everything went back into the same tracks. Since we were behind on our group term paper, we had to work immediately after arrival so I spent the next 3 days in school catching up. What a comeback! The next days we were departing on our study trip which you will have a chance to read about in the coming articles 🙂

Overall I must say that I was nervous about returning back to Sweden as I have never experienced it before. However, it went better than I expected. The moment I was walking home from the train station it felt like I was walking from a weekend trip. I was surprised how the environment at home made me procrastinate and loose the motivation to work on my duties to school. Luckily, once I returned to Borlänge it returned 🙂


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