Home for the holidays!

In the weeks leading up to the Christmas ‘holiday’, the main question that went around was “are you going home for Christmas?”. Now, I wrote ‘holiday’ in parentheses because officially we don’t really have a Christmas holiday as students. However, as I’m sure you’ll notice as well when you study here in Borlänge, Dalarna University can be very flexible. So, while we officially don’t have a holiday there have been no lectures planned for a full two weeks during Christmas and New Year. The perfect opportunity to go home and relax. I have to say that personally, as I’m writing this from home, I haven’t had that much time for relaxation since there’s so many people to see and things to do in a relatively short time. Yet, I can’t deny it’s really nice to be home for a little while and enjoy all the Dutch things I’ve had to miss in Sweden.

Now, the reason I’m writing this blog is to assure you that if you’d prefer to stay in Borlänge, or it’s too far away to go home for the holidays, don’t fret! There are plenty of people who stayed in Sweden during the Christmas holiday. I’ve heard of classmates celebrating Christmas together in Locus, people driving to the north of Finland to visit Santa’s village, students visiting Stockholm. Christmas and New Year’s are perfect opportunities to spend with the friends you’ve made in the first few months in Sweden, as well as explore the country a bit more extensively. So, whether you want to go home or stay in Sweden, there’s a ton of options on what to do with your free time!

Christmas at Locus. Thank you Bliss for the pictures!

Also, once you do get home, you might find that Sweden is there even though you hadn’t noticed it before. I saw these Leksands Knäcke in the Dutch supermarket. Now, in Sweden you can’t escape these but I had no idea you could buy them in my country as well.



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