My first months in Sweden

The beginning of a new year is also the perfect time to reflect on the past. In this blog I’d like to share my experiences of my first few months in Sweden.

To begin, I am a 100% happy that I chose to come to Sweden and specifically Borlänge to study for my Master’s degree. The courses that we’ve been taught so far have been interesting and relevant. The Swedish way of studying, including seminars where we discuss our ideas and listen to each other, is a lot of fun and I truly feel it helps with expanding your knowledge. In the beginning I had to get used to the study pace and also what to study (reading lots of scientific articles), but after an adjustment period that’s no longer a problem either.


Before I came to Sweden I was slightly worried I might have some trouble getting back into the groove of studying and being a student, but it has been very easy. My classmates, with so many different nationalities and experiences, have really added to this adventure.

The first two months of my time in Sweden I spent discovering the area together with the new friends I made. The Sweden for Dummies trip is still one of my favorites because it was such an unique experience. Of course, it’s not all travel and discover. The evenings I spent drinking tea with my friends in a Locus kitchen are also high up on the list of favorite things to do.


My experience might not be what your experience will be. However, I’m certain that everybody involved will try their best to make you feel at home as well. I have 6 more months to go though, and I’ll probably be singing a completely different tune by the time the thesis comes around. But, as cliché as this quote is; “in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take”.



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