Swedish Lapland #2: Abisko & Trip to Narvik

In the evening of the second day of your trip we arrived at our hostel in Abisko. After moving into our rooms, which were really nice with cozy beds, we were invited to a  barbeque in a Sami tent near by the hostel. Everybody brought sausages and Scanbalt provided some spiced warm wine for us. It was really fun and we all got to know each other better. Since we were tired from being outside all day, it was quite an early night for us again.

For the next morning, we had booked a trip to Narvik in Norway so we left at 9.45 from the hostel. It took us about 1,5 hours to get to Narvik and on the way we stopped at a Fjord to take some pictures and enjoy the breathtaking view. It was really awesome to see the ocean between the mountains covered with snow and we took some amazing fotos. Arriving in Narvik, we had 2,5 hours to either join our guide Heidi who went to the war museum or discover the town on our own. Narvik is a sweet harbour town with two little shopping malls, some small shops and cozy cafes. We decided for the latter and walked around and did some shopping. An hour before we were leaving we met again to eat some fish- or whale burger. Since I don´t eat fish I got the kidsmeal which included sausages and french fries so I did not have to die from hunger. In the afternoon we went back to the hostel where we had the great chance to see the Northern Lights just outside the door! I have never seen them that great before and it was amazing. We were outside till our hands were frozen from taking pictures. The evening ended with sauna and ice-bathing in the lake close by.

And then,sadly, there was the last day in Abisko, so we had to check out in the morning. We had booked different trips like ice climbing, ice fishing or cross-country skiing while the majority stayed at the hostel to discover the surroundings, visit the candy shop, have a nice lunch at the hotel or just socialize with the others. I had booked the 3-hour cross-country tour for beginners so I gathered with my group at the reception. I have never done cross-country so I was a bit nervous that I would be the last the group always had to wait for but the others also had none or just a little bit experience and actually I was doing really good. We had a very nice guide, Erik and were only 8 people, so he could help us a lot and tell us what to do better. After a while I got in the rhythm of skating on these small ski and could really enjoy being in a national park. Going down hills is a chapter for itself but the third hill I finally managed to stay and got rewarded with a big applause. After 1,5 hours we had a break at a frozen lake with warm lingonberry juice, provided by our guide. I came back to the hostel quite wet from falling into several snow piles which were just too inviting but we 8 were really glad that we booked the tour. After a quick lunch it was time to get into the bus again to travel back to Borlänge, not without a stop at the Arctic Circle though. And again, Lapland delivered and said good bye on its own way by showing us the amazing Northern Lights.

After an exhausting trip we arrived in Borlänge the next morning and went directly to bed. Nevertheless, this was one of the greatest experiences I ever had, and the people I talked with said the same. If you have the chance, go and see Lapland!


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