Being active #3 – Santa Run

About a month ago I discovered an event on Facebook of Santa Run and thought it would be funny to participate. Later on, my friend Gloria told me her family was coming to Sweden and that they will all participate in the Santa Run and encouraged me to join as well. Accidentally, we have also planned a trip to Stockholm for the same date.

The Santa Run is a charity event organised every year in Stockholm. This year, 1500 people participated! It is a charity event, so the principle of the event is that you pay a starting fee and most of the money goes to charity. In 2015, the money was split between 4 charity organisations. You are asked to wear a Santa suit but you can also buy one directly from the organisers. The early bird tickets with the santa suit were for 290 SEK this year. It is a non-competitive run of 3km around the city centre of Stockholm. This year, the run started at Kungsträdgården and the route was through Gamla Stan (the old city).img_20161211_120029In the end, we decided not to participate due to logistical reasons. We were glad we did not have to run since the temperature was around 0°C and it was snowing! However, it is true that it created a great Christmas atmosphere and we enjoyed just watching it! 🙂 Before the run, there was a choir singing a Christmas song, an ice-skating dance exhibition on the ice-skating ring in the park and later the organisers warmed up the Santas by dancing to popular songs. After the cheering, the run was started, lasting for only about an hour. Everyone seemed very enthusiastic. After the run, there was also some further programme with glögg and Christmas porridge offered.

Eventhough I did not participate in the end, I am sure it was a fun experience for everyone. It might not be a marathon for experienced runners, but why not do some sport and help out the ones who need it?IMG_20161211_114950.jpg


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