The Student Union of Dalarna University

An important organization from the student perspective is the Student Union of Dalarna University. Currently, the Student Union has 5 full time employees but there are additional students working part time with different tasks, such as me, working 25% with supporting international program students.

There are a lot of different tasks the Student Union is responsible for, therefore I decided to do a interview our current president of the Student Union Tom Edoff.

What are the tasks for the Student Union generally?

The Student Union is in charge of ensuring that Dalarna University is keeping an academic standard. We aim to enrich the system from a student perspective through being part of many different boards and committees at the university. Through different section associations our responsible members can work more with the different programs offered at the University whilst the Union board is more concerned with the overall aspects through its steering committee. The Student Union has the responsibility to be a meeting space for students–to ensure they have a good time and maybe even find new interests. We have associations which are offering singing, playing games, doing different sports and even do their own radio! There is something for everybody, otherwise you might have an idea for something that is missing? The only thing you need is to be a member of the Student Union (by paying a small member fee) – we are going to help you!

How many people are working at student union and what is each person doing?

Currently, we are 5 full-time employees:

President & Vice-President (Ordförande & Vice Ordförande) – we are representing mainly the students in different boards at the University. We two steer Dalarnas Student Union together with the board. It takes our full time to lead Dalarnas Student Union to the goals we have set.

Club Master (Klubbmästare) – He takes care of the party business. Everything from planning events up to recruiting students who want to be part of the team that takes care of the pubs we own at Campus Borlänge and in Falun.


Organization Secretary (Organisationssekreterare) – He takes care of economic tasks and a lot of administration for the Student Union and supports the steering committee.

Student Support (Studentombud) – Supports students and takes cases of student complaints where the University did not react. She works even preventive through creating course plans together with the University. If you have any problem regarding the University you can book a meeting with her.

How can I be part of the student union?

All students of Högskolan Dalarna are welcome as well as those who have studied here before. You can either visit us on our website or just come by and talk to one of us during our opening hours in the university offices.

Why should I be part of the student union?

Fire and foremost to enrich your student life. There is something for everybody in the Student Union! If you don´t want to engage in the Union, you can see it as a great place to meet people and build up a network – which we know will play an important part in the future.



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