Being active # 2 – the gym

The cold weather is approaching and the possibility to sport outside is shrinking (without the snow). If you are a fan of workouts, yoga, spinning or just lifting weights, you will probably be looking for a gym to go to in Borlänge. Well good new! You have several to choose from!

Actic Maserhallen

This gym is basically across the road from Locus. It is located in a swimming pool arena which is included in the membership as well. Here you will find classic fitness machines e.g. treadmills, rowing machine, cross trainer, dumbbells and other weight lifting excercise machines. They also have group classes such as spinning, box and circuit training. There are slight student discounts and you can buy membership either for 4 months, 12 months or 24 months with prices from 479-249 SEK/month. It’s opened everyday from 8-21 pm.


This gym is located right in the city centre and is opened round the clock (24/7). It works on a self-service basis with a magnetic card entrance. There are mainly weight lifting machines, treadmills etc. Here in Borlänge they do not have group classes as it is not a plus gym. To join this gym, you need to have a Swedish personal number. The entry fee is 249 SEK/month and then you pay monthly student price 169 SEK by direct debit.


Probably the most popular gym among my classmates is Friskis & Svettis gym. It is located 5 minutes by walk from school (about 10 mins from Månagatan and 15 mins from Locus). There are many group lectures to pick from including yoga, spinning, circuit training, core training, indoor walking and their own “jympa”. Some classes are booked online and some on the spot where you have to check in with your card to obtain a “receipt” which you later hand in to the trainer. You can choose to only go to the gym with classic wight lifting machines, treadmills, benches, TRX, dumbbells and kettlebells. Also, there is a sauna in the changing rooms. In Friskis & Svettis you can choose to buy a membership containing everything or just certain areas (e.g. just gym, just jympa or indoor walking). There is an option of a yearly membership or seasonal – the seasons are from January – June and July – December. For students, the prices for the all-inclusive membership are 2700 SEK per year or 1650 per season. You can also go try out a week for 100 SEK to see if you like it.

Special thanks for photos to Maureen. 

Featured image by Friskis & Svettis.



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