Competition time!

Christmas is soon upon us and in Sweden that means it’s time to build a gingerbread house. I’m aware that this isn’t just a tradition in Sweden but also in lots of other countries, however I’ve never actually made one myself. When the possibility to enter a gingerbread house competition came around, I couldn’t refuse and I quickly recruited some friends to join me.

Our wonderfully unique name is “Gingerstars” and we were in it to win it. Unfortunately, not quite as ‘in it to win it’ as some other teams. This became obvious when we arrived at Tenoren, the student bar close to school where we were supposed to build our houses, and we found that we had bought zero extra candies to decorate our houses and some other teams had bags full of it. We have no one to blame for this but ourselves but it did mean we had to be extra creative. However, it seems that even in this department we were slightly lacking as one team decided to completely remodel the gingerbread house into a ship. Luckily the International Office that organised the competition provided us with plenty of building and decorating materials, like molten sugar for glue and sweets. I do have to confess that about half of the decorating materials ended up in our bellies instead of on the house.

By the end of the evening we could show for our efforts by the amount of sugar we were coated in. Now, the competition is currently still going on. The day after we made the gingerbread houses they were put on display in the cafeteria at school and everybody can vote for the best gingerbread house. We’ll know who the winners are on December 13th!



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