Ice hockey in Leksand

Now that the days become shorter and it is getting colder it seems like life in Sweden is taking a rest from the summer, where we all have been up and out long. This is the time for cozy fika in all the nice cafes in this area, movies at home or some ice hockey in Leksand. Leksand is located about 45 km away from Borlänge and easy accessible by car and train. It is the town of the famous “Knäckebröd” but also home of LIK, the Ice Hockey Team which is playing in the SHL, the Swedish hockey league. It is really fun to see a match and I have been up many times the last two years but yesterday was my first time for this season.

I skipped lunch since it is a tradition for me to buy hotdogs and some sweets during the game.  A game has 3 periods of 20 minutes each, but since the time is stopped for every interruption, one period often lasts around 30 minutes. Then there is a 15-minute break between each period so the perfect time for hotdogs and meeting up with friends. You can get a ticket for a match for about 150 SEK, which is quite affordable even for a student.

You need to plan some time if you come by car, since there is always a traffic jam on the way to and back from the arena but with some good company this is no problem at all. This time we had seats close to the Leksand fans, so we joint the singing and clapping. Actually it is quite simple, if you just sing LIF all the time you will be fine. Leksand has only won one game this season so far, but the fans are loyal and behind their team, pushing them to fight. And of course whatever the referee decides against Leksand is wrong and deserves a big boooooo. Yesterday it was really very close to not losing the match. Leksand even took the lead in the first period, but then lost with 1:2 against Färjestad. A bit unlucky, nevertheless it was an exciting match, especially in the last period with many chances and I will be back in the arena in 10 days for the next home match. So if you want to see Swedes cheer and be emotional, take some friends and start getting obsessed with this sports just like me.


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