Let it snow, let it snow

I’m sure that most of us place a bet every once in a while with friends or family. Be it about a sports match and you’re certain of who’ll win, or in this case be it about the weather.

It was the last week of October when my friend Tereza and I decided to bet on when the first snowflakes would fall out of the sky. As much as I love snow, I was very certain that it wouldn’t start snowing until the end of November. Tereza on the other hand was convinced there would be snow on the ground before the first half of the month would be over.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, Tereza won. She won by a lot of snow. I make no joke when literally on the night of the 1st of November the skies and the ground turned white. And the skies and the ground stayed white for a whole 3 weeks. It didn’t stop snowing for a full 7 days. Maybe it was the weather gods telling me I shouldn’t bet on things you can’t predict, lesson learned.


Now a bet is of course way more interesting if there is something to be won. So Tereza and I had bet that whoever lost had to cook dinner for the other. So it was that the second week of November I was cooking a typical dutch meal, hutspot, for her and some other friends as well. Very fitting to go with the cold weather.


Now, you might be wondering what Borlänge looks like at the end of November. I’ll include a picture, you could never guess we had so much snow at the beginning of the month.

A tip for when you maybe find yourself in Sweden and about to bet with your friends about when the first snow will come… check the weather report.



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