All my ‘firsts’ in Sweden!

So, winter has come to Borlänge. The world was white this past week, but the sun is up again as I am writing this post. The snow is slowly melting away and patches of grass are peeking out towards sunlight.

And to think that just last week, I was being pelted with snowballs.

The husband and I had stepped out for a quick emergency pre-winter-hibernation kind of grocery run and oh boy, the snowflakes coming down on us were tiny but cold. I was struggling to keep my hood in place, not slip and smack my behind on the road and to wipe snowflakes away from my nose all at the same time. And then – SPLAT. He had thrown a huge snowball. In. My. Face. Then down my back, on my neck, in my hair, everywhere. I was cold, numb and annoyed because I couldn’t even retaliate – I was wearing the wrong kind of gloves and I couldn’t touch the snow for fear of frostbite. So all along the ten minute walk to the grocery store and then another ten minutes back, I was brutally attacked with snowballs. I was squealing like a kid, running away from him (as much as one can run on a snowy path!). This was my first ever snowball fight.

Of course, I got back at him twofold later on, but this just made me think of all the things I did in Sweden for the first time!

Picking berries, chopping wood, roasting marshmallows … all for the first time!

I went camping with a bunch of friends, which you can read more about here. It was the first time I chopped wood for a fire and although the boys did most of the work, it felt good to know I could make my own fire if such a situation ever presented itself! It was also the first time that I stayed in a wooden cabin in the middle of nowhere, saw the northern lights and the first time I experienced weather that can make your bones go cold! But my favorite ‘first’, by far, was berry picking. It amazes me that something so expensive in India, is available here to pick whenever I wish!


Competing to make the scarier jack-o-lantern!

I carved jack-o-lanterns for the first time, in the spirit of Halloween. What started off as a night of pumpkin carving and drinking apple cider, turned into a full-fledged political debate night. A deep discussion on the political scenarios in the United States, India, Italy, Mexico and Egypt ensued. That’s what happens when you make friends at Dalarna – you become a global mix of cultures thrown together.

First bloggers excursion where we saw 15kg apples turn into fresh juice

There are so many other firsts I’ve experienced and there are so many more to come, like my very first Thanksgiving dinner ever, my first time watching an ice hockey game, etc. When you come to a fairly small town like Borlänge, it can seem too dull for some people and many of you may think that these firsts I’ve told you about aren’t that exciting after all. They are to me, because I believe life is only as fun as you make it! Such little joys can make your time in Sweden and in Borlänge uniquely wonderful.

There’s a first time for everything, after all!


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