Baby, it’s cold inside!

Last week the temperature dropped to almost -10 °C at night and one would think that the heaters would be turned on, but not!

I have lived in Ireland where the windows in the apartments were bad so it was always cold inside and I came to Sweden slightly prepared for a colder environment. However, I was expecting that in a country like Sweden, where the temperature drops to -30°C in winter, the heating would work similarly to my country and it would be warm inside. Well I was wrong.

Already for around a month now, the heater has been lukewarm but my eyes were on stalks when I heard that it’s going to stay like that for several months. The reason is that there is central (remote) heating and since the households pay only a small amount of money to the heating company and they do not have meters to measure how much they have used, the company turns the heating on just a little bit. Therefore, most of the apartments probably have external heaters or fireplaces in order to heat up their households.

In my situation, I was forced to buy a thicker blanket and I survive in a jumper and warmer sweats. However, my friends from more southern countries all have heaters. Also, since I live in Mångatan and cook & bake in my room, it sort of helps to heat it up a little during the day 🙂 But I wonder, how long will I survive?

My advice is:

  • buy or bring a thick blanket,
  • live in the upper floors
  • buy a heater (can be found from 100 SEK),
  • bring warm sweatpants and clothes to wear at home!


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