Road Trip Oslo or Where are the Signs?

Last weekend me and some classmates from the Tourism Master Program decided to use the break between two courses for a spontaneous Road Trip to Oslo. We rented a car and were supposed to pick it up Saturday morning at a self-checkout station. And here the adventure began..The machine claimed that our car was not ready for check-out. Since it was All Saints it was quite a struggle to reach someone at the hotline, but finally we came through and after a few calls we were ready to leave..or at least that is what we thought. The next task which we did not expect was find your car on a parking lot full with cars..But hey we are Master students, we finally managed that too. Excited we loaded the car just to discover that we got a car with automatic transmission instead of stick as ordered. After some trouble and consulting the manual we were able to start the car (Yes we were 5 girls) and now the roadtrip finally started.


The distance to Oslo accounts only for 372 km so we planned to drive around 5 hours. So far the theory..In Norway we realized that the internet on our phones did not work and were able to do some field research about signing in Norway which resulted in the result that there is no signing. And Norway is sparsely populated so it took us 20 km in the wrong direction until we found some inhabitants who told us that we were totally on the wrong way. After 6 hours we made it to Oslo, where we were confronted with the town planning system which consisted of roads with dead ends and roads only accessible for buses and taxis. Another adventure but with our tourism skills we made it to our hotel in another hour. We had a great hotel, located very central and great value for money. Since it was quite late we decided to only go for dinner and a pub and an early night.


The next day we started with a free walking tour in Oslo. I usually book these free walking tours, since the guides are locals and you can decide yourself how much you want to pay for the tour. It was really interesting and we got to see the main spots like the Opera, the Parliament, Stadshus,  the Tiger statue, the old part of the town and and gained a lot of insights about the history of Oslo as well as hints where to eat and what to visit after the tour. After the tour we visited some other spots like the sculpture park, the fortress and the palace, although it was snowing and really really cold. We managed to walk 20 km in the cold in the end. After a nice dinner we went straight to the hotel to warm us up again and were not motivated at all to go out again so another early sleep. The last morning we had a rich breakfast in the hotel and went for a shopping tour in town before we went back to Borlänge, which went without any more surprises. Overall i can say that olso is a really nice town, somewhat more cozy than Stockholm but really expensive. The prices in the restaurants can bring tears to you eyes but once in a while it is just worth it to get out and see something new. I am quite sure that i am coming back again!


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