Beginners guide to Borlänge campus

Studying at a new school comes with many kinds of uncertainties and one of them might be how the new school looks like? What facilities there are? Will it be possible to eat my own lunch? So I decided to introduce you to the school building by leading you through my day at school.img_20161031_093114_hdr

The school is accessible 24/7 with the school key card which every student receives in the beginning of their studies. Together with a special code it is possible to enter school and classrooms at any time. The regular opening of the school is subject to the library opening hours which during the week starts at 8am. You can find many students in school even during the weekend as they mostly come here to study without distractions or meet for group projects.

I started my day at the library to work on my term paper for the current class. The library is very small but is not very necessary to spend time in the library as most of the books and articles are available online. However, for some it might work as a great study environment.

img_20161028_123053In case you need to work in a group on a project, there are plenty of rooms available that are tailored for smaller groups. The glass ones are possible to book only for two hours a day.

img_20161028_111119In Sweden, the lunchtime is from 12-13h and since the Swedes are used to bringing lunch from home, there is a special room with plenty of microwaves and fridges where you can put your food and later heat it up. I have joined a few classmates in the large eating room for a group lunch. Just keep in mind that since there are almost no classes between 12-13 these rooms get very busy 🙂

img_20161028_111251If you don’t have your own food, you can buy sandwiches and salads in the Café Duett. Other than that they have muffins, cookies and fruits for snacks or with an afternoon coffee. You can pick between coffee from a machine or filter coffee.

img_20161028_145027After a guest lecture in the afternoon I went into a round meeting area in front of the library and café to talk with some classmates. There are several comfortable couches ideal for these occasions and it literally feels as a meeting point since during the day many people pass by either to buy a coffee or go to the library. You can find couches in the corridors as well.

img_20161028_123213The school building is quite small but on the other hand it creates a friendly and cosy environment where students hang out after classes or come to study and work on their assignments.



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