And then there were the Finnish!

As much as I like the TDD program, by far my most favorite aspect of studying at Dalarna University is meeting all the different nationalities that come together here. In our program alone there are 19 students with 15 different nationalities. However, during the 3rd week of October we, as the TDD students, got to meet some more people from different nationalities. Mostly Finnish.

Our lecturer Albina Pashkevich had organised an exchange trip, meaning that a group of Finnish students from the Multidimensional Tourism Institute in Finland would come to Dalarna University for one week. The aim was for us to work together on creating an innovative tour product for the Dalarna Region. I’ll save you the details but it meant that we had to create ‘something’ in about a day and a half and create a memorable presentation as well. The pressure was on.


Our team, DelightfulDalarna!

Another idea that the Finnish brought with them was an Instagram competition. We worked on our tour product in teams and these same teams had to create an Instagram account and try and get as many likes as possible within a short amount of time. The deadline was the last day of the Finnish visit and we were promised great rewards for whoever had the most likes. The competition was taken quite serious and especially during the daytrip were people snapping away trying to get the most beautiful image for Instagram.


A visit to the Miner’s Manor

Now of course, an exchange like this isn’t just work, work, work. We had a day of visiting sites in the region. You can read about the Falu Gruva visit on Tereza’s blog. We also tried to make our Finnish guest as comfortable as possible and this meant throwing them a party. Kudos to my classmates Andreea and Marco who did a lot of the organising and DJ’ing that evening. We tried our best to make the Finnish students at home and I hope they appreciated our efforts.


Saying goodbye, the Finnish way

Even though it was quite a short visit, it was very interesting. The Finnish students had a slightly different way of working and that came forward a few times. Always in a positive way though, because this gave great opportunity to learn from each other. That’s what we’re here for after all, right?!

A thank you also to Josefin Enström who let me use one of her pictures!


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