Being Active #1 – Collective sports with DSIF

With days getting shorter and winter approaching, the opportunity to just randomly go out and play some sport is shrinking. There is no reason to be sad because there are plenty of possibilities indoors as well! The first example is the collective sports in Borlänge and Falun with DSIF. If you are interested in playing on a more professional level, you can always find a club in the city and ask to join them (e.g. football, ice-hockey etc.). However, recreational playing is harder to arrange.

DSIF – Dalastudenternas Idrottsförening – is a student organisation under the Student Union organising weekly sessions of various collective sports in the local sports halls. In Borlänge, the sports are played at Jaxhallen and in Falun at Kristinegymnasiet. The sports vary every year depending on the interest of the students. This year, it is floorball and football, but last year there has also been volleyball. The sessions are once or twice a week, also depending on the number of students interested. To be able to participate in these activities, you have to be a member of the Student Union and pay a small fee for participating in the sports activities.

jaxhallenJaxhallen is a multipurpose sports hall located 5 minutes by walk from Mångatan and 15 minutes from Locus. After arriving to the hall, you can change your clothes in several available changing rooms equipped with a toilet and showers. The Student Union provides the equipment for the sports so you are not forced to buy your own floorball stick or football. So all you have to do is show up! 🙂 gameAs for the floorball, the game is played 5 on 5 players with standard rules just without a goal keeper which is compensated with a smaller goal. The game is played fair and not rough.



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