A French lunch with some English fudge, please

If the idea of eating some French bread and Dutch cheese to start, then Greek rolls, Lebanese wraps, Thai noodles for lunch and then topping it off with British fudge for dessert seems like something you’d enjoy, then you’d definitely be interested in the annual International Food Market at Falun.

This is a market that travels during the summer all across Sweden, with Falun being their last stop. Now I was well aware of this market since the university makes it a point to take students there each year, and judging by blogs and social media posts that I had read before coming to Börlange, I knew I would definitely love this place.

We went there on a lovely October afternoon. There is an option of walking all over to Falun with a bunch of people from the university, for those of you who love walking (not me, clearly – I just jumped across the street and took a direct Dalatrafik bus) or even cycling, which is fairly common as it turns out!

The air was crisp, biting cold and I was looking forward to some yum in my tum to warm me up. It was fairly easy to spot the street where the market was, because the general crowd was headed in its direction, of course! As soon as we delved into the market, I was completely overwhelmed with amazing smells wafting out of about 20 different food stalls. Flags from all over the world, proudly serving their cuisine. Spain, Germany, Thailand, Australia, Greece, France, Italy, Holland and so much more! This market was most definitely a food lover’s paradise.

We had some French style chicken basquaise, British fish n chips, pizza and Thai noodles. We also obliged our sweet tooth with an assortment of homemade British fudge! It was most definitely an afternoon really, really well spent.

So the next time you hear about the kind of diverse cultural experience that Dalarna University and Sweden in general has to offer, you can rest assured that it is most definitely true. Nothing like food from all over the world out on one street, to define the very essence of a truly international experience!

Pro tip – always try and go here with a big group of people, because that way you just get to taste a lot more! The quantities served are massive.


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