No rest for the wicked

If there is one thing that is certain, it’s that time flies, especially when you’re busy at school. In the months leading up to coming to Borlänge to begin the Tourism Destination Development master I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. A friend of mine had done an exchange in Sweden and she said she barely had anything to do and had loads of free time. On the other hand, this was a fulltime, 1 year master, I can’t really have that much free time right? Well when I saw the schedule for the first time this definitely seemed to be the case. The schedule showed I had about 3 lectures each week, which is almost nothing. I emailed Michael Oppenheimer about it, because I was slightly worried this was really all the lectures I’d be getting but he assured me that a lot of self study would be required.

Skip a few weeks and the first month of TDD is already over, and as I said, I’ve been busy. We did indeed only have a few lectures each week but the assignments we got required a lot of work outside of the lectures. We had to work in groups, prepare seminars and write an individual paper all in about 4 weeks. This meant we had ‘something’ due every week. In the beginning this really took some time getting used to and I think I took afternoon naps more than once. However I’m actually really enjoying this pace. As you have something due every week there is always something to do and you never sit around and twiddle your thumbs (you can, but you probably shouldn’t). It also helps you stay focussed on the subjects you’re working on. Plus I really feel like I’m producing something all the time, which makes me feel like I’m doing something useful.

If you’re reading this and you think ‘this may be a bit much for me’, I assure you not to worry. Everybody is in the same boat as you and you’ll have really nice classmates to work together with and keep you motivated. The lecturers are also always there to help you. Even though it’s been busy, I’ve been more than able to go on daytrips and do lots of activities outside of school. It’s all about balance!

PS: Enjoy these pictures of the libraries at Dalarna University, both the Borlänge and Falun location. I’m certain that if you decide to come here, you might be spending quite some time there.

The library in Borlänge
The library in Falun

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