Smögen, West Coast

One of my greatest trips this summer was a trip to Smögen. Smögen is a cute fishing village, situated in Västra Götaland County in the southern part of Sweden. We chose to combine it with a visit to Gothenburg which is really convenient. But I will write about Gothenburg in another post.

We went to Smögen in the middle of August and I would really recommend to visit Smögen during late spring or summer, although it is a very popular summer holiday destination for many Swedes, so it might be a bit crowded at that time.

Already the view driving into Smögen got me: we went over a bridge, with the ocean and the rocky coast on the right sight and the small village with its colorful fishing huts on the left site. Really amazing and first opportunity for some pictures. We parked our car on one of the parking lots that was really crowded and went to the village. You walk around the village on a wooden pier, with the water and the harbor on one side and these cute fishing houses build on the rocks on the other site. There are a lot of shops with clothes, sweets and souvenirs catering for the tourists. If you like fish, I can really recommend to eat in one of the restaurants at the water, the fish comes fresh from the sea and according to my friend it tasted really delicious. I don´t like fish so I stayed with the typical meatballs.


After lunch we went to the rock coast where we just sat in the sun and took a really nice sunbath. If you plan to enjoy the sun and just lie on the rocks I can really recommend you to take a sunbed or a chair with you since the rocky ground can get a bit uncomfortable after a while. Otherwise, it was a really great day and we were very lucky with the sun.

Since pictures say so much more than words, here are some impressions from Smögen:


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