Careers vs Job: following your passion

Decision factor: Quitting your job to pursue further studies is a tough decision. There are many things to consider and many adjustments to make.

For me making a decision of quitting a job and study was the most difficult part. I had to muster up my nerve to leave my satisfied profession and dive into the unknown.

Taking the plunge

There was an aggravating fear inside me about finding a commendable career for myself after concluding the course and whether this interval gap would affect my career progression trajectory. This ambiguity element discourages most employed professionals from taking the plunge.

You might discover yourself questioning one cold breezy night as I did: Am I doing the right thing? For me the answer was a definite YES! And this is why I am here.

So finally after spending several months on finalizing my decisions, on July 31, 2016, I left my job to pursue my purpose and passion in life.

In the end, you'll only regret the opportunities you didn't take.

dsc_0845If you sacrifice your dream because of so-called economic steadiness, whether that dream is to complete a Masters and start a career in academia like me, or to make an oasis in desert, then you might live to remorse it. Extra money can always be made, but a vision once placed away might be tough to pick up over again later on in life.

Parting your job to learning overseas can go a long way in advancing your profession. Nevertheless, sufficient exploration and mental homework can help make your shift back to academics comfortable.


“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti


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