Fulufjället Park

Would you believe me if I tell you that I spent my weekend near a lake, on top of a mountain, gazing at the Milky Way? I wouldn’t believe it either – but then, that’s Sweden for you.

My husband and I are extremely fortunate to have met people here who are crazy enough to want to camp in this freezing weather – because, well, what is winter for but camping, right? So while others were probably cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate and a good book, we decided to drive down to Fulufjället National Park on a freezing October weekend.


That is how, while others were sensible enough to turn in for a good night’s sleep in their toasty warm homes, we were trudging up the mountain in the dark over mossy rocks, teeth chattering and palms shaking.

But do you think any of us would’ve rather been doing anything different?

When we finally reached our cabin for the night, it was under possibly the most beautiful sky I have ever witnessed. It almost felt like nature decided to sprinkle a few more stars onto the sky just for us. We experienced scarce yet beautiful pulses of the northern lights, striking against the black air.


The next couple of days were spent with long walks, a hike to Sweden’s largest waterfall, picking ripe berries in the wild, chopping wood for a fireplace, foraging for mushrooms, roasting marshmallows and making hot noodles to fight the chills.

Sweden keeps amazing me with its beauty, pure air and friendly people. I don’t know if I will ever attempt camping again – maybe I will, maybe I wont. Which is why I am glad this turned out to be the unforgettable experience it was.

Thank you, my camping companions, for showing me what it truly is to be one with nature.


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