Taking over Stockholm

My tryst with Sweden began with a short stop in Stockholm.


When my husband and I flew down to Stockholm from Mumbai, we decided to spend a couple of days exploring the city before heading off to Borlange. We stayed at Connect Hotel Arlanda – a great choice. The hotel is easy on the pocket, 10 min away from the airport with a complimentary shuttle service and it has a great restaurant! If any of you touchdown Stockholm too late in the night to immediately take a train for Borlange, consider staying here.

The next day began with an early morning – 5:30am and it was broad daylight already! We took a train into Stockholm and caught up with an old friend from back home, over lunch. It was quite helpful to learn about the SL access card, which is basically a one-time card you can purchase with a prepaid amount and make use of the city’s extensive public transportation system. It works out to be much cheaper than any other modes of transport, so I highly recommend you get yourself an access card to get around in Stockholm! They can be bought at various departmental stores, certain train stations and even bus stops.

That evening we embraced the traditional Swedish fika – a coffee break in a small café at Gamla Stan, the ‘old town’ part of Stockholm. The large city center with live music and a flurry of people, the quaint cobbled streets busy with restaurants, cafes, boutique stores and all the kinds of shops one can imagine made me feel like I was most certainly in Europe!


This quick visit made me realize what is so different about Sweden and the underlying culture here – there is fodder to feed everyone’s passion. Whether you love great food (like my husband) or you love old European architecture (like me) or you enjoy arts, culture or gorgeous landscapes to camp in, Sweden has it all. I am going to absolutely enjoy my time here. Here’s to making some new memories!


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