Sweden for dummies

Now, I’m quite sure that nobody comes to Sweden just to study. We want to experience a new culture, go on adventures and just see as much as there is to see of this new country. This is exactly why I, together with my friend Gloria, signed up for the ‘Sweden for Dummies’ trip.


It was advertised as a day of experiencing Swedish culture and nature by going canoeing, having a fika and most interestingly a floating sauna. After some short consideration we decided that we deserved a day in nature after the first week of school. It turned out we were the only ones that signed up and so we had a private organised excursion, which was great of course.


The day started with some canoeing to an island where Joakim, our guide, made a fire. Olli, another guide, had helped earlier to explain the canoeing and how to get the fire in the sauna going. Also with us was Sanne, who organised the trip. We spend the afternoon grilling sausages over the fire together with some drinks and of course marshmallows. The fika consisted of thee and coffee and delicious kanelbullar, aka cinnamon rolls. After our afternoon on the island we took the canoe to the floating sauna which was literally a little floating house with a sauna inside. It was such a fun experience to sit in a sauna even though you’re floating on a lake. Now, the proper course of action was to go in the sauna and turn up the heat very high, then once you’ve had enough you go out and jump into the cold water of the lake. It’s supposed to get your blood flowing and Olli said you would feel amazing after. I have to admit that I was way too chicken for this and found it more than cold enough to just stand outside for a few minutes. After we had sweated enough in the sauna and it was slowly getting dark, it was time to go home.


Gloria and I had an amazing day and everything was so well organised. It was really fun to experience a bit of Swedish nature and culture under such relaxed circumstances. For me, this was what studying in this country was all about in the first place; meeting new people, experiencing new adventures and doing it all with the friends you made here.


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