How we went fishing but caught no fish

One cloudy Sunday we decided to go fishing to Lake Runn. Talking about it the previous days, we got really excited about being able to catch a fresh salmon, trout and other delicious fish! Also, Sweden is THE country for fishing as it has 95,700 lakes larger than 10 km². Unbelievable right? (To those who don’t come from Finland )

The plan was to buy a one-time use grill and barbeque the fish we caught. Just to be sure we bought some sausages and buns to make hot dogs in case we didn’t catch anything. As to the advice from our fishing master, we bought shrimps as a bait because apparently, the salmon love them. We chose Främby Udde resort besides Lake Runn since we originally thought of hiring a boat and go to one of the islands. However, we ended up in a quiet corner not far from the entrance.

Foto by: Ondrej Hudek

Immediately after the first cast, Maureen caught a Bream (Abramis brama) not even knowing she caught one. However, our fishing master advised us not eat it since it ate “all the crap”. In Czech Republic however, it is a very common fish to eat. Well maybe the Swedes are too spoiled with more noble fish such as Salmon

As the day passed by, we did not catch anything else but we had a great relaxing afternoon with hot dogs from the grill and beautiful view of the lake with slight sunset. Talking about it later, a better spot for Salmon would be the river, since they stay in flowing waters. Well, next time…

Foto by: Ondrej Hudek

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